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We work with China’s industrial leaders, state-owned enterprises, multinational corporations, as well as with start-up visionaries in their international mergers and acquisitions, domestic restructurings and pre-IPO financings.

Since our December 2013 inception, we have launched funds dedicated to Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions, SOE Reforms and Alternative Growth Investments and currently manage over RMB15 billion in assets.

Investment Funds
Cross-Border M&A
BHR is the designated cross-border investment platform of Bohai Industrial Investment Fund and benefits from the support of its Chinese stakeholders including the Bank of China and China Development Bank Capital. With its unique global network; strong investment track record and experienced and cohesive execution team, BHR collaborates with Chinese companies in overseas mergers and acquisitions in the high-end manufacturing, healthcare, artificial intelligence and natural resources sectors with the objectives of advancing manufacturing technology, enhancing R&D know-how, capturing market share, supporting green and sustainable development and enriching individual and collective wellbeing.

We assist our strategic partners in evaluating the risks and rewards of investment targets, devising financial structures and navigating the various aspects of cross-border investments. We focus on EBITDA-positive targets with advanced technology, strong incumbent management and potential for organic and international growth.

Notable investments include Henniges Automotive (U.S.A.) ; Didi Chuxing, Watagan Mining Company (Australia) and Tenke Furugume Mining (Democratic Republic of Congo).

SOE Reform
BHR actively monitors and participates in investment opportunities presented through state-owned enterprise restructuring initiatives. We seek to invest in companies in monopolistic and concentrated industries with underperforming assets and, through the reinforcement of corporate governance, market-based management and incentive mechanisms and other efficiency-driven and profitability-enhancing practices, to alleviate the allocation inefficiencies and mismatch of resources and thereby generate higher

ROE for investors.
Our mixture of State and private shareholding structure, coupled with our extensive network of SOEs and financial institutions and our market-oriented investment strategies allow us to better capitalize on SOE reform opportunities. Notable investments include the RMB4 billion equity subscription in Sinopec Marketing Company.

Alternative Investments
In addition to cross-border M&A and SOE reform investments, BHR also engages in alternative investments in emerging sectors such as artificial intelligence, FINTECH, automation and robotics and other earlier stage opportunities.

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