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At present, BHR Partners (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. has established several private equity investment funds. The investors are mainly institutional investors.

Funds focused on cross-border mergers and acquisitions: in line with the outbound investment strategy of Chinese companies, the Company cooperates with industrial and strategic investors such as China’s central state-owned enterprises, local state-owned enterprises, and large private enterprises to carry out cross-border mergers and acquisitions investments. Completed investments include Henniges Automotive, a global leader in automotive anti-vibration components and encapsulated glass systems.

Funds focused on mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises: the Company aims to seize the opportunities that the state-owned enterprise reforms bring to the private investors in the government-administered sectors and/or monopoly/oligopoly sectors, gaining access to the valuable assets previously controlled only by the state-owned enterprises and improving their operational efficiency and profitability. Completed investments include Sinopec Sales Co., Ltd.

Funds focused on China's new economy: amidst the upgrading of China's industrial structure and development of the new economy, the Company explores the opportunities brought about by technological and social changes, and invests through various forms (including but not limited to private equity investments in the primary market, and private placements in the secondary market) etc.). Completed investments include Didi Chuxing, CATL, Megvii, Insilico Medicine, etc.

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