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Unique Platform Strengths: Our investment philosophy and platform strengths have attracted both domestic and foreign institutions such as Harvest Fund, Ulysses Diversified, Skaneateles, and Thornton Group to join in as equity shareholders, achieving a strong accumulation of business resources from all parties and further enhancing our cross-border M&A capabilities. Compared with the domestic firms in China, we have the unique advantages in international partnerships, shareholding by the management team, and market-oriented incentive mechanisms; compared with the international counterparts, we have an extensive cross-border investment experience with a strong Chinese background supported by influential financial institutions and strategic investors.

Seasoned Management Team: We have inherited the core team members from Bohai Industrial Investment Fund. Our current team consists of 20 people, among whom the average investment experience of the vice presidents and above is more than 15 years. The management team is composed of both domestic and foreign staffs with extensive investment experiences. The members of the investment team have diverse professional backgrounds and work experiences in investment institutions, investment banks, consulting firms, accounting firms, legal firms, and multinational corporations, etc. Our team members also have a variety of professional qualifications such as Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Public Accountant, and certified lawyer.

Streamlined Organizational Operations: We have established a complete set of well-balanced corporate governance structures with front and supporting desks, deal souring and execution teams, as well as investment and post-investment managements. We have established a coherent investment procedure for each deal we do.

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