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Mr. Hong Xiang

Mr. Xiang Hong is the Director-General of Guanghua Club and the Chairman of Xizhou Capital Group, both well-known thinktanks specializing in advising corporations and institutions on macro and corporate strategy formulation and implementation. He is concurrently serving as the Deputy Director-General of the Belt & Road Initiative Academy the Dean of the Belt and Road Institute of Southwest Jiaotong University, and the President of Hejun Vanguard Consulting Group. Mr. Xiang is the former CEO of Wutong Capital and the former Executive Chairman of Guangcai 49 Holding Co., Ltd., Delong Group, and Creat Group. With more than twenty years’ experience in the investment markets of China, Europe, and the United States, Mr. Xiang Hong has handled a number of high profile corporate reorganizations involving listed companies.

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