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John Shi

Founded Arreon Carbon, a world-leading carbon trading company; ranked No. 1 on Bloomberg’s 2009 Carbon Emission Reduction Trading Volume List;

Established a USD 500 million carbon asset trading fund in cooperation with Credit Suisse; established a Euro 300 million carbon asset trading fund in cooperation with Swiss Re;

Established Rui Han Energy, which specializes in the development and commercialization of the combustion technology for high-efficiency pulverized coal industrial boilers; the technology was highly recognized by the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences;

Joined KPCB as an venture partner, at the invitation of Mr. Al Gore, former vice president of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and was responsible for the green technology commercialization at KPCB's China Fund; KPCB is the world's largest investment fund for green technologies;

Successfully introduced ORC-based low-temperature waste heat power generation technology from the United States;

Owns several US high-tech patents; first author of several papers published on PNAS and JACS;

Gained Bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University and Ph.D. from Stanford University; Senior consultant at McKinsey & Company

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